First Step Chiropody/Podiatry

Put your feet first

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Mobile Podiatry

High quality foot care provided in the comfort of your own home

Based in Bradford, Leeds and surrounding areas

Routine Treatment

  • Fungal nails

  • Callus/corns

  • Verruca

Orthotics (Insoles)

  • Custom made insoles for your feet

  • Or premade insoles with functional adjustments

Our services

  • Nail care

  • Hard skin (callus) debridement

  • Corn debridement

  • Foot pain investigation

  • Verruca treatment

  • Advice

  • Foot care education

  • Footwear assessment

  • Fungal nail advice

  • Athletes foot advice

  • Emollient application

  • GP letters and referrals

  • Nail surgery (coming soon)

  • Palliative care

  • Biomechanical assessments

  • Diabetes foot care

  • Plantar fasciitis treatment

  • Insoles and orthotics

Any Questions?

Contact for any inquiries or phone the number above

Athlete's foot

Overgrown nails

Dry heels